Don't Eat This

Cast of Characters

Here’s where you can meet the Don’t Eat This cast of characters. I’ll add more characters from time to time, so be sure to check back.

First up I’d like to introduce you to Langston and his pal, Leo.


Langston & Leo

Leo is a retired postman from some cartoon town that you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve certainly never heard of it. He collects postage stamps, plastic combs from tourist shops, and handmade llama figurines. During the day he helps out at the local recycling center but spends most of his spare time learning to tap dance and playing in a band. Yeah, he rocks. Well-known and well-liked, Leo has four times taken his town’s Man of the Year award.

Langston is Leo’s canine compadre. His playful and curious personality are cheerfully welcomed everywhere in town but Ms. Tendril’s School of Dance. Langston joined Leo’s life quite by accident when he was almost recycled in a bizarre college hazing incident that resulted in three arrests, two first-degree burns, and one large caesar salad. Langston was formerly well-known as the local junior college mascot. Back then he was known as Lil’ Yeller, a name which always upset him.

Their morning routine consists of a walk around the neighborhood, a treat for both Langston and Leo, and Leo’s reading of the newspaper comics in character voices.┬áIf you’re ever in an unheard-of cartoon town, look them up. They’d love to show you around.

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