A Little Trivia

Here’s the Story:

When I was eight years old, I thought I could move things with my mind. As it turned out, I was moving my head instead.

A Quick Confession:

I’m a compulsive doodler. It’s my way of seeing the world, my narrow escape, and my means to an end. It’s an irresistible and urgent act. It’s a language, a process, and a therapy. And it keeps me from being afraid of numbers.

And I doodle when I’m paying attention.

If I Weren’t a…

If I weren’t a creative professional, I’d be a cartoonist, a writer, a protest singer, an artist, a rodeo clown, an atmospheric photographer, a poet, a one man band, a crowd control strategist, a mentat, a wanderer, a collector, an interpreter of dreams, a silencer of doubt, a human cannonball, a mime, or a flamenco guitarist from Barcelona named Guillermo.

19 Senses:

I have nineteen senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste, Humor, Rhythm, Irony, History, Sensibility, Community, Spirituality, Urgency, Privacy, Aesthetic, Wonder, Complexity, Integrity, and Absurdity.

Favorite Dad Joke:

Why don’t zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? Because they prefer to eat their fingers separately.