Will Wood

Will Wood

Creative Director

I’m a creative professional and leader focused on creative management and team development, idea generation, concept development, and creative direction. I’ve spent years on the agency-side, in the technology industry, with some of the most recognizable brands, executing channel marketing strategies; developing multi-tiered retail product launches, consumer promotions, and awareness campaigns; and creating robust online product training portals.

With over 20 years as a creative professional and leader, I bring an experienced mix of creative strategy, vision, execution, and management combined with a balanced, real-world approach that keeps the hard-and-fast objectives at the forefront.

And I’ve been thrilled to inspire and engage great teams of creative professionals by investing in the talents, skills, and creativity of others.

Take a look at a few of my past projects and professional résumé.


A Little Trivia

19 Senses

I have nineteen senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste, Humor, Rhythm, Irony, History, Sensibility, Community, Spirituality, Urgency, Privacy, Aesthetic, Wonder, Complexity, Integrity, and Absurdity.

Manifestation der Fiktion

Ich bin ein Mann, dass und zieht Skizzen. Ich habe oft zu schreiben. Aber ich habe immer zu schaffen. Ich mache Dinge. Ich bin fast eine Manifestation der Fiktion mich.

A Quick Confession

I’m a compulsive doodler. It’s my way of seeing the world, my narrow escape, and my means to an end. It’s an irresistible and urgent act. It’s a language, a process, and a therapy. And it keeps me from being afraid of numbers.

And I doodle when I’m paying attention.

Here's the Story

When I was eight years old, I thought I could move things with my mind. As it turned out, I was moving my head instead.

If I Weren't A...

If I weren’t a creative professional, I’d be a cartoonist, a writer, a protest singer, an artist, a rodeo clown, an atmospheric photographer, a poet, a one man band, a crowd control strategist, a mentat, a wanderer, a collector, an interpreter of dreams, a silencer of doubt, a human cannonball, a mime, or a flamenco guitarist from Barcelona named Guillermo.

What Do I Do?

I make stuff up. I imagine. I think in pictures and words. I share inspiring moments with others. I think in a group. I ask, “What if we…” and “Why not?” And I help others do all of the above.

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